A Lust for Lats

While working a morning shift at the local green grocer, a 5am concoction of outrageous banter, food fights, and artistic creation: fruit and veg stacks forming effigies of tidiness and beauty, your reach a point where your mind begins to wander. Your movement is slower, your banter is crapper and your thirst is greater. But … Continue reading

Total Recall

On October 7, 2003 the first ever gubernatorial recall election in California, and only the second in American history was held after a sufficient number of signatures were collected. The ballot had two questions. First, whether the sitting Governor, Gray Davis, should be recalled from office, which received a 55.4% ‘yes’ vote. The second was … Continue reading


Week eight focused on web design, specifically what characterises a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ webpage. It got me thinking, and I realised that a lot of excellently designed web pages around ascribe to the notion of antithetical balance discussed by Lui. That is, they use individually off-centre elements such as large/small and horizontal/vertical which encapsulate the … Continue reading

Piracy, a Social Benefit or Hindrance?

Medosch argues that: “piracy, despite being an entirely commercially motivated activity carried out in black or grey markets, fulfils culturally important functions”. Medosch suggests that piracy can in fact be ‘good’, rather than the negative association it usually carries. This is justified by an insistence that putting goods that are protected by copyright laws into … Continue reading

Creative Commons

 Explain why you chose the Creative Commons license that you added to your blog and discuss the relevance (or not) of adding the license. In explaining which Creative Commons licence I chose and why, the nature of both a free and completely open public domain on the internet, and a closed internet where all ideas, photos, text’s … Continue reading

Who ever said YouTube could be trivial…

Burgess and Green argue that the mainstream media represents YouTube as a arena of conflicting values; a springboard for emerging ‘stars’, but simultaneously a perveyor of weird, wacky, amateur (generally useless) content. If the media ever need ammunition to argue the later, they need look no further… It’s definately a toss up between this and ‘Friday’ as the worst video on … Continue reading

YouTube Celebrities

Burgess and Green argue that: ordinary people who become celebrities through their own creative efforts “remain within the system of celebrity native to, and controlled by, the mass media” (Reader, page 269) Youtube has become a widely popular medium used by people, particularly singers, to gain attention and shoot themselves to stardom. Thanks to new … Continue reading

YouTube’s Ranking Tactics

Ranking tactics serve a number of functions on User Generated Content (USG) websites such as Youtube and GoogleVideo. Videos presented in the ‘most discussed’ section are designed so that when people watch them they are encouraged to leave comments and engage in conversation with other users. Given these videos generally raise contentious issues (such as … Continue reading

Citizenship Journalism: Usurper of Professional Journalism?

Russell (et al.) compares elite media and institutions with bloggers and ponders the following question: “Do bloggers, with their editorial independence, collaborative structure and merit-based popularity more effectively inform the public?” (Reader, page 136). Do you agree? Use examples to illustrate your point of view. New media technologies have recently infiltrated the news production and … Continue reading

Are Blog’s Changing the Media Landscape?

The decreasing popularity with mainstream media has seen a symbiotic rise in the number of blogs spreading over the internet. While the dominant news industry focuses on news stories, blogs perpetuate personal experiences. Furthermore, they create communities of like-minded online users who use blogs to debate issues within “homogenous weblog clouds” (Lovink: 21). What has … Continue reading